• David Leinweber

      by Published on 05-03-2011 09:46 AM

      What is the Colorado Fly Fishing Forum?

      This is a forum designed to deliver relevant fly fishing information directly from guides who work the rivers and lakes of Colorado. The first section of the forum is postings of general news and information our staff, guides and supporters wish to share with the public. The public can “view” this information at no cost.

      The second section of the forum is the Premium Subscription Guide Forum. To access this forum there is a small annual fee. The reality is that nothing is for free and to get good information often requires a relationship. There are many ways to have a relationship. The method we are using here is a small yearly subscription of $20.

      What do I get for my Premium Subscription?
      • You get access to all postings from the guides on stream reports and general fishing tips.
      • You get access to post questions. This can be about a future fishing trip you have planned or just a general question about fly fishing.
      • You become part of a community of fly fishers who enjoy the sport and you can develop relationships with others in the area.
      • You can share your own fishing adventures on the forum.
      • You get to be part of the team and have direct access to some of the best professionals in the area and the sport of fly fishing.

      How do I JOIN?

      First you must register and create an account and a username on the forum.


      Next, follow this link to the Subscription Page, select the 12 month subscription and transfer $20 to our PayPal account. This is automated and will give you access immediately.


      OR, come into the store and pay at the register. Give the receipt to the store sales representative or keep the receipt and email the receipt number to forum@anglerscovey.com and we will manually add you to Premium Subscription Membership. You still must register and have a username for us to apply this subscription to.


      If you are a regular customer of Anglers Covey you should be aware of our Anglers Covey Learning Dollars program. You receive a 10% credit that contributes to this fund from all merchandise purchased in the store. You may use you Learning Dollars on any of our classes, guide trips or forum subscription. If you purchase $200 annually then you will have $20 in Learning Dollars available to use toward the forum membership.

      Once you have registered on the forum and opened an account, email the follow information and we can charge you account by using your Learning Dollars to pay for the forum subscription.

      Provide us with:
      -Your Customer Name
      -Forum Username

      Email this information to forum@anglerscovey.com

      Keep in mind that we go fishing from time to time and it may take a couple of days to get you set up.

      Thanks, and we look forward to conversations with you on our fly fishing forum.